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Thank you @Triumvirate for sending us the wonderful volunteers who removed 5 bags of trash from the #muddyriver! #muddybuddies #watergoat
📸:Peter Papesch
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The pandemic has made traveling hard but @expedia was still here for the Muddy! It was the first time their team had seen each other in 6 months, due to COVID—and we are lucky they came together in a Day of Sharing with the Muddy Water Initiative! #watergoat #muddyriver MuddyWaterInit photo

Amazing seeing Bostons Rivers being cleaned up!
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Charles River Esplanade @EsplanadeBoston
This morning, we had a great group of volunteers join our Horticulture staff in the park as part of the @bostonmarathon Virtual Volunteer Challenge! Our volunteers helped clean up the Esplanade's shorelines by picking up and removing litter. Thank you to everyone who volunteered!

Week 4 of emptying the WATERGOAT! We heard that the Muddy River is so dirty that it leads to developing a “third eyeball”. This week's trash removal proves that theory! #watergoat #muddybuddies #googlyeyes #muddyriver MuddyWaterInit photo

Week 3 of our WATERGOAT's emptying! A big thanks to this week's #muddybuddies for all their help cleaning the river! This week we collected three garbage bags full of trash, recovered a $20 bill, and pulled a bed frame from the river. #watergoat #MuddyRiver #cleanmuddyriver MuddyWaterInit photo

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